October 23, 2011

An interesting and fun way to bring some new life into your new neighborhood is getting a new tradition started. My neighborhood and my city is a melting pot of many different cultures. We could put on several separate culture based events with all the different kinds of people or just one that has something for several at once. On December 2012, everything will fry and everyone will die - this is the message that fans of Doomsday 2012 want to put across others. According to them the apocalypse predictions of Nostradamus, which are backed by the Mayan Prophecies, tell us of our inevitable future and that today is the right time to repent and amend our lives. It is now 2009, the end is near, and we will all rot in hell sooner than later, or so they say. NASA was once the greatest leader in space technology the world over, but all that is about to change. There are equally advanced human civilizations working on space right now. The Chinese have sent probes and satellites to the moon and are currently mapping its terrain. Most women from the Philippines opt to find a better opportunity overseas. They sacrifice their time off away from their families just to struggle for existence.


/11:23 PM